The Spirit Course is six weeks of transformational study that will ignite your soul by identifying your purpose and propelling you forward on a journey of self discovery, optimal health, and abundance! Each module dives deep into a topic that hits close to home - your relationship with food, getting clear on your vision, creating your dreams, and letting go of pesky self-limiting beliefs that may be holding you back! With the support of an entire tribe of Goddesses, you will dive deep into discovering & creating a life you LOVE! By the end of this course you will step out of the fear zone and into the FLOW of your life! You will unbecome the things you are not, in order to fully become the divine feminine Goddess you are.



The Spirit Course is for you if you're ready to take your life to the next level. Whether its your health, spirituality, or mindset you want to transform - we got you covered! Do you have any personal road blocks that are currently holding you back? Do you feel like you can't be your authentic self 100% of the time? Did you know you can create your dreams by simply changing your inner dialogue, taking baby steps, and letting go? The Spirit Course is for you if you are a woman looking to evolve in any area of your life - health, abundance, community, mindfulness, self worth, authenticity, and general bad-ass-bitchery. You deserve it all! This course will teach you how to get it.



Six weeks of soul work delivered straight to your inbox in easy to comprehend digital downloads (of course they're pretty too!):

  • Week One: Eating for Fuel. Learn how to fuel your body from the inside out! With notes & video from Julia Murray, Olympic Skier, Holistic Nutritionist & Plant Based Chef
  • Week Two: Personal Road Mapping. Get clear on your vision and learn how to take inspired action to walk in the direction of your dreams! With notes & video from Robyn Savage, Founder of GirlTribe & Owner of Blue Violet Events
  • Week Three: Integration Call! A 'LIVE WITH THE TRIBE' webinar to talk about HOW you can integrate Week 1 & 2 content into your daily life to optimize your personal growth. Connect with your accountability buddies around the World and engage in a Live Q & A with your Spirit Course Leaders!
  • Week Four: Dreams & Co. Get connected with the Universe and manifest your deepest desires! With notes & video from Jaclyn Shaw, Founder of Momspired
  • Week Five: Saying Yes. Learn how to let go of self-limiting beliefs and commit to a longterm love affair with your highest self! With notes & video from Catie Fenn, Lawyer turned Meditation Coach & Founder of Love Warrior
  • Week Six: Integration Call & course finale! How can this course change your life in the long-term? Learn how to make impactful change and make space for love. Live Q&A with your Spirit Course Leaders on Week 4 & 5 content!



  • Goddess Health Pack - convenient twice-a-day bundles of vitamins for busy (or forgetful!) on-the-go Goddesses!! Each pack contains Cellsentials, Proflavonal C, Biomega, MagCalD and Hepasil DTX. Your body with thank you!!!
  • Four weeks of exclusive meditation videos specifically designed to help you dive deeper into each module. Guided by Catherine Cowan of The Holistic Way.
  • The Spirit Course Movement Calendar with 30 days of guided movement to get you connected to your body. Featuring 8 elite yoga videos by Lindsay Sukornyk, Founder of Alive and Awake.
  • Daily Journal prompts & writing exercises - instead of homework, consider it soulwork! You will see the magic start to manifest as you stay committed to the journey!



  • You will learn how to properly fuel your body to optimize your personal health, increase your energy, kick sugar cravings, stabilize your weight without dieting, and enjoy eating plants. Trust us! This is where it all begins - your physical being is the VESSEL that hosts your soul. Dreams can’t come alive until your body does.
  • You will also learn how to get clear on your vision - what do you REALLY want more of in your life? What does being wealthy feel like? Who are you surrounded by - is your vibe attracting your tribe? Where do you wake up every morning? What do you spend your days doing? Are you fulfilled? These are all questions you will begin to ask yourself so that you can take inspired action steps towards making this beautiful story your reality.
  • You will learn that you don’t have to do it alone! Dreams & Co. will guide you through the manifesting process and help you align yourself with the Universe to co-create your wildest dreams. You will begin to manifest magic and miracles into your life with MOMspired's 7 Steps to Manifesting.
  • You will let go, remove blocks, walk through fears, commit to a long-term relationship with your Goddess self, and extend beyond all previous possibilities! You will step into the realm of opportunity and create positive, long-lasting habits that transform your lifestyle and expose you to authentic joy. You will become the absolute best version of yourself.


** Next Course starts June 3rd 2018 **

Orders placed by May 17th 2018


Enrol NOW for the June 3rd, 2018 start date! Early enrolment gets you EXCLUSIVE access to pre-course work that will gear you up to dive deep on Day 1! You can expect juicy teasers, a VIP online workshop offered to early birds only, and a FREE MOMspired planner!!! We look forward to teaching you, growing alongside you, and making waves with you!



Get clear in your body - control your mind - awaken your spirit! This course is the most powerful transformation you can undergo to start creating a life you love!

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