Work one-on-one with Jaclyn Shaw - Founder of MOMspired to dive deep into your Why + your Why NOT!

Walk away with purpose + passion deeply embedded in your soul & feel LIT UP!!


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** prices listed are in USD $.  This mentorship call is $184 CAD

How do I know this is for me?

Feeling uninspired and disconnected from your truth? Need a little (firm) nudge to find your voice? Want to feel what it’s like to be self motivated? We thought so. 

All your WANTS will be laid out on the table & you will immediately begin to magnetize your desires.  If you find yourself saying 'Why the Fuck Not ME??' or want the confidence to say it + mean it this is the call for you!!

What do I get ?

 A 90 minute call with Jaclyn Shaw (founder of Momspired) to get reconnected to your authentic and purpose driven WHY.  Together you will create a white hot burning desire statement that you will use as a daily tool to magnetize your desires + manifest a life you are wildly passionate about.

What will I learn?

Confidence, connectedness, commitment and celebration. You will learn why the World needs you to keep doing YOU.  You will walk away with a reminder of WHY you are worthy, WHY your work matters, WHY you are loved, and WHY you need to keep going down your Goddess path!!  


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