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For the Twinning Momma - because things are just better when they come in 2's!!

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** prices listed are in USD $.  This box is $295 CAD

What's in this sweet box??

  • Matching Mom + Little 'attached @ the hip' tees

  • Matching Mom + Little Nutritionals - Momma you will get that much needed energy boost with our Cellsentials combo + you will get peace of mind knowing you are giving that tiny human all the nutrients their growing body needs with the Usanimals (perfect for those picky eaters)

  • Matching Mom + Little Omegas - BiOmega for you + BiOmega Jr for your little to boost brain development + heart health with these essential fatty acids.  What's more important than a healthy brain + healthy heart??

  • Our 'day in the life of a MOMspired Momma' planner - Ok mommas this one is just for you!!  You will love this daily planner where you can keep track of that never ending to do list, where you can express gratitude & where you can record your little's best one-liners from the day!!


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