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For the Momma-to-be.  Everything you need to feel YOU while growing that tiny human!!

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** prices listed are in USD $.  This box is $255 CAD

What's in this sweet box??

  • Prenatal CellSentials - Everything you + baby need to support YOUR health + the growth  and development of your sweet little thing, from before conception  until you stop nursing.

  • A 'day in the life of a MOMspired Momma' planner (downloadable PDF) - You will love this daily planner where you can keep track of that never ending to do list, where you can express gratitude & where you can record your little's best one-liners from the day!!

  • Personal Road Mapping - A 7 day course to get clear on your vision, set actionable goals, and learn how to take inspired action

  • Chill with this essential oil roller - the combo of this beautiful oil blend sets a grounding and calm feeling with some uplifting notes, perfect for soon to be mommas!!

  • Our Goddess Recipe e-book - So you can feed that beautiful bump with delicious-low glycemic foods

  • Firming Body Nourisher - Goodbye stretch marks


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