These are SOME of our favorite tools that keep us GOING!!

The secret is out - as busy on the go mommas - we aren't afraid to admit we could use a little help, a little more energy + a little something to amp up our health.  Momma if you are anything like us, we know how easy it is to range from eating like a supermodel to an unsupervised child in a candy store (seriously don't leave us unattended)



Health pak

The ultimate momma regime in convenient (throw in your purse) packs

$172 CAD / $144 USD


Provides momma energy + daily intake of minerals & antioxidants - not your average multi

$70 CAD / $58 USD

Cellsential Prenatals

Everything momma + baby need to get healthy before, during & after pregnancy

$70 CAD/ $58 USD


Fish oils (without the yucky taste) for a healthy brain + healthy heart

$32 CAD / $26 USD


ProfLAvAnOl C

Think facelift in a bottle, holistic hangover cure + immunity booster

$55 CAD / $46 USD


Ancient wisdom + modern science meet - to help you stay fit + well during times of stress

$67 CAD / $50 USD

Vitamin D

Crucial for all mommas - especially when the sun won't come out to play

$28 CAD / $23 USD

Pure Rest

Need to catch up some ZZZ's?? Melatonin promotes natural sleep + wake cycles-NOT a sleeping pill 

$20 CAD / $18 USD




This little baby is key to a happy + healthy gut, which in turn is key to happy + healthy bod

$38 CAD / $30 USD

Digestive Enzyme

Promotes digestion, prevents + relieves stomach upset, indigestion & that full feeling 

$36 CAD / $34 USD

Hepa plus

Straight up liver support - to help balance out that bottomless wine glass 

$43 CAD / $40 USD




Get piece of mind by adding this complete multi vitamin, mineral + antioxidant to your little's routine

$23 CAD / $16 USD

BiOmega Jr

A delicious burst of omega-3s for healthy minds and bodies in a tasty orange/pineapple flavor

$23 CAD / $20 USD



Ever have those mornings when you can't you + your kids fed and out of the house?  How about those nights when all you seem to do is nibble off your little one's plate??  These yummy go to shakes will be your new favourite go to!!  Just throw this shake powder in your blender with your fav fruit and/or veggies so you can put something healthy in your body (that will fill you up until lunch) before you run out the door.

MySmart Shake Plant

$50 CAD / $42 USD

MySmart shake soy

$47 CAD / $39 USD

MySmart Shake Whey

$47 CAD / $39 USD



** when purchasing these products you will be redirected to our product partner to checkout.  Upon completion of your order your USANA goodies will arrive at your pretty little door in 2-9 days.  Outside Canada or the US?? No worries USANA ships to 20+ countries - go ahead take a peak **