To achieve the time and financial freedom that we keep ranting and raving about, we've partnered with our favourite Health + Wellness Company, USANA Health Sciences.

We've done our researched on USANA, but we're not health care professionals, scientists or doctors or anyone who has any business telling you the science behind the products. WE just don't have the credentials to do so.

We're just MOMS who were looking for more energy, top notch products for our family and money in our bank accounts! 

So we're not going to tell you why only 3 in 16000 companies rate as high as USANA, why it's the choices of over 1200 professional athletes, or why many USANA Ambassadors are holistic nutritionists and health care professionals.

 But look it up...because it's true! 

As Busy + Health Conscious Mommas WE can tell you this: 
Since using USANA products...

 we have more energy
 our hair + skin have never been better
 we have been able to lose (and keep off) the baby weight
we are confident in the quality of products we are giving ourselves and our children
 we have extra money rolling into our bank accounts as often as every week

...and well, we feel phenomenal! 


My 2-year old LOVES the Usanimals (children’s vitamins). Every single morning she goes right to the shelf and points. It’s the first thing she does. It’s a nice feeling to know that she is starting her day with all the vitamins and nutrients she needs!
— Jamie Scrimgeour
I LOVE the plant based shakes. I have tried many plant based shakes and Usanas are by far the best tasting with the best consistency and they have a good amount of protein per serving and no sugar. My 11-year old daughter loves them too!
— Brett Hagen
I really love the BIOmega product; it’s a good quality fish oil that is easy on my stomach with no disgusting after taste. It is definitely one of the best out there.
— Trisha, No Tummy Mommy
I love the Baby Care prenatals...they gave me the assurance that I was fueling my growing baby and myself with everything we needed, and they helped keep my energy up during those first months of breastfeeding and lack of sleep. :)
— Melany Hodgins
I love that these products are not a quick fix or a fad. They are a forever lifestyle for me and my family. They are peace of mind that we’re getting the nutrients we need in a fast-paced world, with nutrient-depleted foods, and little kids who binge-eat PB & J sandwiches.
— Kim McConaghy